Wednesday, November 7, 2012

When Words Don't Work Right

I accidently started a fight on Facebook today.  You can only imagine what it was about (unless you are my friend on Facebook, then you can stalk me and find out what it was all about).  I can truly see that I meant no harm, and I am sure that the person that I was talking to meant no harm.  We were, however, on the verge of escalating into a fight.

And we are friends

And we are Christians

And for all I know we even agree on more than we disagree (I didn't even take the time to find out!)

Perhaps you will relate, but I find myself trying to say things that are uplifting and helpful only to find them tear down and hurt.  I have good intentions, the intentions of a minister of the gospel--the good news!  I intend to bring healing and hope and help but so often I speak in such a way that I either leave out the truth or the love.  I just haven't figured out how to do that like Peter or Paul and no where near like Jesus.

So what am I to do?

Perhaps the best answer is to shut up?  I think that I try to use words too often when action is necessary.  Love and truth are more genuine incarnated; they are more real with roots and leaves and fruit.

And perhaps Facebook just isn't formatted for incarnational truth and love.  Perhaps I should get offline and live it around my neighbors.

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  1. Twitter. Twitter is where I find I can talk politics and be sarcastic and have discussions. Facebook, because it is a wide circle of people that I actually know but who are very different from each other, is too hard to have a healthy discussion on!