Monday, November 5, 2012

What I Will Vote For Tomorrow?

Talking politics is difficult, especially as a minister.

The whole "seperation of church and state" thing has made ministers sharing their thoughts somewhat taboo (even if some still do it boldly).  But I love politics, and I care deeply for the people in this country which God has placed me.  I want the best for America.  I want to be able to share with others what I think that vision should look like.  I want to vote based on my beliefs; not based on supposed "Christian" candidates or party lines.  Rather, I want to vote my beliefs in that I look broadly at the identity of the God who created me and look to his characteristics and cares for my voting path.

So I would like to share what I will vote for tomorrow.  Please understand that I am not going to tell you who I am voting for, but what; the ideals I support.  These are, if you will, the foundation of my voting research.  These are the things that I look at that have led me to choose some Democrats, some Republicans, and even some Libertarian and Constitution party candidates to support.

Foundations are important.  Ideals are crucial.  Before we can even begin to rightly examine policy options, we need to understand our foundation.  How someone wants to run medicare, or foreign policy, is a secondary question.  The real question is this:  What do I believe should define America?  What principles does God expect from our people?

In my time of reading Scripture, these are the ideals I have decided to vote for this year.  Please feel free to share yours in the comments:

1. Justice
    The Bible talks a lot about justice.  Jesus criticizes the religious leaders of his day for caring more about tradition than justice.  Justice is clearly in the heart of God.  In looking at candidates, I look for those that support justice for the truly oppressed, the truly victimized.

2. Life
     God consistently shows the value of the human life.  All human life is sacred.  This means I look for candidates that value the life of the unborn, the aged, the foreigner and refugee.

3. Compassion.
      Jesus life is a great display of compassion.  I want to look for candidates whose policies will reflect a truly compassionate heart.

4. Wisdom
     Proverbs paints  wisdom as crucial in the life of any God-follower.  Wisdom means doing things that are practically effective and smart.  Policies that make systems better, make good use of our resources, etc.

5. Moral Transformation
     The Bible tells the story of God transforming the lives of His people  I want to choose candidates whose policies support Americans living righteously.  Specifically, I want to see candidates that will weaken the pornographic and sex based industries.

6. Peace
     Jesus tells us that the peacemakers are blessed.  I want to see candidates that truly want to run our country in a way that leads us to be at peace with others.

7. Humility
     Jesus demonstrates great humility.  I want candidates who understand their frailty and fallibility   I want candidates who realize their need for help from others.

Those are my ideals.  That is what I am using to decide my ballot this year.  What is making the decision for you this year?

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