Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Dividing Wall Rebuilt

You told us that the wall of hostility was torn down.


In Christ there was no enemy anymore.  In Christ there was just unity; just love.

In Christ we could all walk to you on equal ground, and there was no wall.

When you told Mr. Christ to tear down that wall, it was supposed to be permanent.

So why, God, do I see walls being built all around me?
I see walls being built to prevent people from ever knowing your grace.  Sinners?  Yes they are.  But God you walked among them, ate with them; you loved them.  The same wall of not-good-enoughness has been rebuilt.

I see walls being built to keep certain people separate.  Racial difference?  You bet.  But God, you ended racism with your once for ALL sacrifice.  You said there was no difference between Jew or Greek and I assumed that meant black and white too.  The wall is stronger than ever.

I see walls of theology, nationality, geography, musical preference, age, gender...walls all around.  And it suffocates this claustrophobic heart.

And when I look down at my hands, dear God, I see that I have put down the tools you gave me to build bridges and am instead holding brick and mortar.

Lord, Have Mercy.


  1. megatron_spacejet!March 22, 2012 at 9:40 PM

    intense, real, and one of those where i cant help but look down at my own hands to see what tools im holding too. because it often seems that the walls are so much easier to build than bridges. lvoe the last line, mercy is what we need!

  2. I must admit, I hate that the walls are easier to build. I really want to be a bridge builder.