Thursday, October 25, 2012

God Forgive Us, God Heal Us

I live in Indiana.  I am invested in the Senate race that is unfolding, that derailed earlier this week with comments on abortion and rape.

I have read the articles blasting Mourdock's statement, I have heard the outcry from women who hate that these men want to make decisions about their health for them.  I have heard the political positioning and posturing from left and right in the wake of the media storm.

And I, I find myself wanting nothing more than to rend my clothes and weep aloud.

God, how did we get here?

When did the life of women and unborn children become the fodder for politicians to energize their respective bases?  When did life become nothing more than a pawn in the big game of politics that our country plays?


I am pro-life.

I am.  In every sense of the word.

I believe that human life begins at conception, and that we have a responsibility to nurture that life regardless of how it got there.  I believe we are called to selflessness, thinking of those who are the least (and what is less than the unborn?) above ourselves.  I realize that as a man I can never understand the huge impact this decision will have on the women who for varies reasons find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy.  I also realize, though, that my decisions are not to be based on my full understanding of the outcome, but my decisions are to be made to reflect the character of God.

I am pro-life in that I believe that human life is sacred regardless of gender, race or ethnicity.  I believe it to be our responsiblity to defend the life of those who are abandoned due to gender in China, cut down like cattle do to their ethnicity in Africa and elsewhere, and to fight against racism everywhere it shows up; overseas or in inner-city gang rivalries.

I am pro-life in that I believe that even when someone disrespects life, I must choose to respect it.  And therefore I stand opposed to retaliation, death penalties, and wars of all kinds.  I believe we protect life and weep when life is extinguished--even if that life has done so much harm.

I am pro-life in that I believe that disabilities do not dehumanize the life of those individuals, and that it is our job to care for the life of the disabled, whether from birth, from accident, or from age.  I believe we must honor the life of our senior citizens and not view their life as lesser because it is older.

Yes, I am pro life...

...and I hate that life has become nothing more than an "issue" to be used in our country's political scheme.

I see the way we pander to constituents and I weep.

I see the way we have changed the term "abortion" to "women's health issues" and I cry.

I see the way that politicians talk flippantly about rape as if its just part of life and I shake with rage.

God, forgive us!

And heal us.

Let us be people who honor the widows and orphans and unborn and born premature and sickly.  Let us act to defend the slave, the beaten, the sex-trafficked, and the marginalized.  Let us love those who are wrong the way you did, choosing to lay down our lives for the sake of thieves and murderers and bums and outsiders and abusers and users and all of humanity.

God, let us be like you.  Let us be like Jesus.  Let us defend life by laying down our own.

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