Sunday, May 22, 2011

Can We Make An Impact?

After another small sect of Christianity with deep pockets have made a fool of our faith, I am left with several questions. I don't really have questions about the group or their theology (I know some, and I don't really care to know any more!). I don't really have questions about the end of the world--I think the Bible is more than clear (and we get messed up when we read Left Behind-esque trash). My questions are more focused on the fallout. Namely, can Christians regain our right to be heard in the American culture?

It is an important question, because it is not just the apocalypse predicting oddities that have given Christianity a bad name. We have. I have. My attitude, the way I act in the church and outside the church have destroyed my voice as a voice of God. We treat some sins as huge, others as no big deal. We know less Scripture than any generation of Christians before us (even though we have better access to it than ever before) and yet we still act as if we are the market for truth cornered. We fight with other Christians while letting our culture go to hell. I repeat: it is not just the apocalypse predictors that give Christianity a bad name.

I think there are simple ways we can regain the respect that the church needs. I think there are simple things that need to happen for the church to be the "pillar and foundation of the truth." Here are my suggestions

  1. The church must unite under the banner of Christ. No more can we argue Calvinism v. Arminianism. No more baptism v. prayer. Read the Bible, trust it, put it into practice. Unite so that the world can see we have our story straight.
  2. The church must lead the way in charitable causes.
  3. The church must lead the way in taking care of the world's children. This is a big one, because so many Christians are up in arms when homosexual couples adopt, but are unwilling to do anything themselves. Take care of the kids first, then we can argue about the other issues!
  4. The church must serve the community more than itself.
  5. The church must honor marriage by committing itself to faithful marriages. We are terrible at this.
  6. We must learn to be consistent in our actions. If we are going to say something in church, then we must learn to live it during the week.
  7. We must stop letting our head gain knowledge while our life lacks implementation.
  8. We must stop creating corny products. Enough of the Jesus gum, stupid slogans, and awful bumper stickers.
  9. We need to learn to combine speaking the truth and doing so with love.


  1. those are ten steps in the right direction, for sure. let's start now.

  2. Boy I try! I struggle with 7 and 9 a lot!