Saturday, June 4, 2011


Yep, I'm turning it off!


The Voice--Off.

All other pointless television--Off.

My wife and I agreed that we are taking a television break. More than likely this will only be a month or two break, but we are determined to do two things:

1. Be productive.

We want to use our waking hours as opportunities to do things. This is not productive just in the CEO-Bottom-Line mentality. This is more of the Jesus-came-give-life-to-the-full-so-darnit-we-are-going-to-take-him-at-his-word sort of way. We already have begun working at cleaning up our house--throwing away those broken and useless things, laughing and cherishing old memories.

For example--We get a calender every year from our wonderful Alma Mater, Milligan College. Well, cleaning our "office" room I found a calender from last year. I was about to throw it away, as 2010 is gone and never to return again, when my dear Ky snatches from me (as if snatching it from the flames). I was then informed of the great potential this calender possessed in the world of scrapbooking, and it was whisked away to another room where it can be kept for a few years then discarded!

2. This provides an opportunity to continue our marriage, just better. Last night, we colored. A kids book of colorless puppies, birds, and mushrooms became the backdrop for a wonderful night of being one. Being the holy We, that three pronged relationship between God, Kylie, and myself that displays God's radiant love for the church better than any other canvas on earth.

(Full Disclosure: I just read that last sentence and I'm not sure if it is acceptable English. However, I studied ancient Greek and happen to know that Paul uses sentences that are in no way grammatically correct and yet mean exactly what he intended. Therefore, I'm sticking with it.)

Anyway, I'll try to put up some pictures of the art we created last night. I am thinking of starting a page on here entirely devoted to pictures of Our journey in life.

Be praying, starting Tuesday I am going to begin a series of stories every Tuesday and Thursday that weave together to be my Testimony. I find it difficult to tell, so pray that the words would be true, powerful, and beautiful.

Until next time!


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