Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Thanks: the Empty Church

My church was empty this morning. I mean, we had some people there, about 1/3 of our usual attendance. Some elders were missing. Most deacons too. It was in many respects the best day our church has had since I've been here.

Because they were serving. We had several "microbursts" and a couple tornadoes come through our town Saturday. Not anything as serious as Joplin. Very few houses destroyed, but lots of damage nonetheless.

An elder spent the day chopping wood. Several deacons were helping clean up their neighbors yards. Others in the church were cleaning up their homes and others. We didn't just claim ourselves as the church, we lived it. Those of us confined to the church in the morning spent the afternoon and evening with church members. We put together plans for cleanup, cooked meals, and just calmed nerves. I actually have a teenager at our house watching Harry Potter with my wife and I as we speak. She came over to do dishes with us at our house while the power was out at hers.

This is the church, and for that I am thankful.

The rest of my thankful list this week:
  • My wonderful wife
  • The smoke of a gas grill.
  • The calm before the storm.
  • The cool after the storm.
  • Finding bloggers who inspire me.
  • The gasp of air after jumping into a swimming pool.
  • The God who never gave up on me.


  1. We didn't just claim ourselves as the church, we lived it.


  2. Thanks. I want to see it more often!