Friday, June 17, 2011

The Man Who Grew Me--A poem

Just a simple farmer,

to all who didn't know,

Just a simple farmer,

who worked with pig poo.

Just a simple farmer,

with cows, corn, beans

Just a simple farmer,

who also grew me.

It started very early,

When I was just a boy,

My dad worked the soil of my life,

And I know it wasn't easy.

He placed the seed,

Of who I'd be,

Within God's sacred Church.

He watered me,

With love and peace,

That spoke of Him above.

My dad was there,

During my storms,

That threatened to destroy.

He nurtured, protected,

And fenced me in

Always with kindness within his eyes.

And now I stand,

tall and strong

Like a cornstalk in mid-July.

I am ready now,

To bear life's fruit

Thanks to the man who grew me.

I am not a great poet, but I have a dad worthy of poetry. Please share a story about your father today (or even better share a haiku!)


  1. What a blessing to have had a dad like you described. So many boys lack such relationships with and respect for their fathers these days.thank you for sharing this sentiment of your father.
    I have one called "Broken daddy, broken daughter." on my blog

  2. I will check it out! You are always so insightful. And yes, I am blessed to have a great dad. He was not perfect, but he was perfect for me.

  3. Hey, I didn't see this new post on your blog--can you link it to me?

  4. I love the honor you give your father; what a great tribute.