Thursday, June 2, 2011

An Open Letter to Myself

Dear Matt,

We haven't talked recently (at least not publicly!) It has come to my attention that you are falling trap to the same lazy attitudes and habits that have plagued you for your entire life. You are a great goal setter. You set more goals than the national government! The problem is that your goals are unrealistic, not specific enough, and without accountability. I am proud of you for sticking with your reading list, but not in a legalistic sort of way. You have read some major books, but you have also been willing to adjust and reshape the list to fit you better as you go.

Other than that, though, you have not been focused. You have created and deleted 10 blogs this year! I am glad you have one here that you are trying to stick to--keep it up. If you write it they will come! Outside of your reading and writing, I want to give you some advice, not from outside, but as someone very close to you! Here goes:

  • Don't try to do too much! You go through these peaks and valleys because when you peak, you try to make several life changes all at once--you burn yourself out dude! You need to get going on one thing at a time, make it a habit, then move on.
  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You've gained weight, you have become lazy and sit in front of the television too much, you are the one who refuses to eat healthy--YOU! Stop your belly-aching and do something about it.
  • I know you want joy that seems to be missing sometimes. Here is why: it is the homebody attitude. You know how much fun you have at the chiropractor and your bass lesson--it is because you are around people! You love people! Spend time with them, have them come over, share your life with them! That is what made college so good!
  • Clean your house dude. It doesn't need to be perfect, but it is so cluttered with junk--memorials of younger days, clothing that is too old and doesn't fit! Free up your space!
  • Love Kylie big time man. She has a great gift to share with the world--you have seen it. Cherish her, encourage her, help her to reach her goals (even if that means giving up your own!) You have never been the guy that needs to achieve to be happy, so serve in the shadows of her life.
  • Slow down. Not in your actions (you lazy bum!) but in your mind. You allow yourself to take one word someone says and analyze it until you are convinced they are out to get you! Calm down! Relax--you don't always think through your words, so don't over think others words!
  • Forget the critic, cherish those who encourage. Be thankful for the comments of encouragement from Zane and Megan.
  • I do want to see you get in shape, but set some realistic goals there man. Don't try to go from nothing to Dwight Howard--you aren't that good.
Anyway, I love you man. You are great, and I think you are going to make it. Be a servant, be the joy-giver! Have fun while seeking God. Oh, and take some pictures more often--it is good to remember the little things!



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  1. This is really great - sounds like something I would have written to myself too! Great to connect with you - found you through seekingpastor's blog comments.