Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sunday Thanks

It was a quick moment. A teenage boy with a clear Mexican Heritage, a quiet demeanor, and a lot of trust issues approaches my mother-in-law. She had worked as the cook for camp, and he had been a camper. She looked at him, and he said one line:

"What are you fixing me for breakfast?"

A pause, then a grin breaks across his normally serious face. It is in this moment that I realized the truth.

He belongs.

After so many weeks of saying nothing, trying to sit alone (only to be encouraged to join the group), and only showing interest by showing up, something finally changed. He realized the church cared for him. He realized that people wanted him around. He realized he was a part of this church, not just a kid to be entertained.

And so he joked.

This weeks thankful list:

  1. Having a minister who practices what he preaches.
  2. The excitement of camp.
  3. A downpour while the sun was shining (note: I was told that southerners call this "the devil beating his wife," which I find very odd indeed!
  4. Sharing thoughts with bloggers from throughout the world.
  5. Starting to put dreams into action.
  6. Great youth with great hearts.
  7. Cuddling with Ky.
  8. Allowing freedom in Christ to embolden me to speak the truth.
  9. Watching teens express reality with faith.

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