Thursday, June 16, 2011

Smile (Tuesday Testimony)

People always go back to my smile.

I don't have a "pretty" smile, I don't look cute, adorable, or anything like that.

My smile is rather goofy, but it is huge. I don't smile all the time--I smile when my heart overflows with joy.

This day, this wedding day, my wedding day I smiled.

I smiled when I looked down the aisle, my beautiful bride-to-be, dressed in white. I smiled, not because of her gorgeous dress (and it was beautiful!), not because of her smile, or the beauty that was all around me.

I smiled because of God.

It was God who knew my inner darkness, and it was God who gave Kylie a heart of grace toward me.

I was not a man then, only a boy wanting to make everyone think I was a man.

I did not have the character of a man.

Kylie brought me into grace, freedom, and manhood. She taught me grace with her action, she taught me freedom through her free spirit, and she taught me manhood by empowering me.

She gave me confidence that I could lead; that I could teach and grow and be who I was not yet.

And God gave me the gift of "till death do us part" with this, his Christ-bearer in my life.

And so I smiled. Big Smiles. Uncool Smiles. All Out Goofy Excited Smiles.

Smiles of worship.

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