Monday, April 30, 2012

She Claimed Atheism, and I Blamed Myself

I barely know the girl.

She is one of many campers.  One of many who come and go.

And yet when she claimed atheism last week, I found myself praying "Father, forgive me."

She claims the lack of evidence brought her to this, and I agree.

I, and others like me, do a great job of showing the Do's and Don'ts of Christianity, but nothing more.

No evidence for the God of the universe.  No evidence of Spirit induced change.  Not a shred of supernatural conviction, power, or courage that would lead this young soul to awe at something greater than scientific achievement.

Yes, she is the one turning away from God...

Yes, I still have firm conviction...

Yes, she is responsible for her own decisions...

...But I cannot shake the feeling that I played a part.

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