Monday, February 20, 2012

Time To Tell A Secret

Can I share something personal with you all?

I want to share a secret, and it isn't something that people like me tend to share very often.  Can you handle it?  Will you still love me?  Ok, you convinced me.  Here it goes:

I am a doubter.

It's true.  I doubt...A LOT.  I believe in God.  I trust in Jesus Christ.  I have went all-in on this because there is nothing more real to me.

Yet's still there.

Now let me go ahead and share one more thing:

I don't think my doubt is a bad thing.

I don't think it's sinful.

In fact, doubt is crucial to my faith.  It is doubt that drives me to study.  The questions I just can't answer about human origins and sinful nature drive me to know Scripture understand who God is and how he works better.  My doubt drives me to knowledge.

It is doubt that drives me to pray.  As I see an area where I wonder "can I trust Him?" I am left only to go to Him and pray for deeper faith.  I pray for boldness where boldness is missing, strength when none is found.  When doubt destroys is not my faith, but my self-reliance.

Doubt keeps pushing me onward, deeper into this faith journey with Christ.  He leads me through the valley, not around it.

Thank you Lord, for your guiding hand in this doubting heart

What parts of your faith do you doubt?  Does doubt have a positive or negative effect on your faith?

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