Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bedtime Stories, Foundations for Eternity

We sat down on mom and dad's bed sometimes.  Other times I would lay my head in mom's lap down on the couch.  Pajamas on keeping my small body cozy in a creaky old farmhouse.

Magical moments followed as my mother would open up a book and transport us to another world.

I was one of the Boxcar Children.

I was a Hardy Boy

I was the young boy who thought of the amazing things I could do if I was to run the zoo.

"Formative" is too academic to describe what happens when parents read to their children.




And as I prepare to welcome my first God-designed child into this world, I seek stories.  Story time must be a part of my child's life.  Stories that make us laugh, cry, shudder with fear, leap with joy!

Stories that reveal unseen things; things bigger than explanation.

Stories that connect with God's presence.

Stories that fill little (I can't tell you his name yet)'s heart and mind with a foundation that will weather the storms that come later.

And I need your help.

Please share with me your favorite books to read with your kids, your kids favorite books to reread.  Also, share with me stories you'd love to hear told, characters that inspire you, historical events that ground your faith, anything and all!

I want to write stories, and share the best that are already out there.  Thank you for helping prepare me to become the dad I so desire to be.

In Him,


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