Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just a Question Today

Today I just want to pose a question:

How much does unity matter?

At what point does theological difference reach into heresy? When would Paul or another apostle have considered someone as outside of the Christian family?

How do we deal with differing theology? How should we deal with heretical theology?

What are the unchangeable teachings of our faith?

Please share your thoughts and let me know (if you don't mind) what tradition within Christianity you are from (I won't judge unless you are from my background!)


  1. I think we throw the term heresy around far too freely. Historically it mostly applies to false teachings about the Trinity or the nature of Christ - in other words, it's about mistaking the main character of the drama.
    For other issues, especially those not found in say the Apostles Creed, the term heretic is unhelpful at best.
    Oh, and my background is Baptist, though that wouldn't accurately describe me now.

  2. I think I have found a fellow church history lover!

    I was raised Christian Church, and overall I am that today as well, but not in the way that it was portrayed growing up.

    Thanks for the thoughts!