Monday, November 14, 2011

Re: Song Challenge

So...100 Songs...that isn't happening.

I have 365 songs, and that will do just fine.  Starting January 2012, I will only listen to these songs.



I am trying to be extremely intentional in my life.  I have noticed that most of my sinfulness and overall flaws stem from being unintentional in my life.

You will hear a lot about intentional living from me.  It is a must for me.

Other news of noteworthy/semi-noteworthiness

  • I am not posting much right now, but for a reason.  I am building up a cache of material to help me work ahead (being intentional about blogging!)  I promise to give more regular and consistent posts soon!
  • Starting on January 1, we will have a daily song post.  These are simply to share one song from my list with you.
  • My wife is pregnant, and she is due in February, so that is awesome!

Look forward to the next year with you all!  Hopefully we can make this year a time of spiritual renewal!


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