Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Making Promises to God

If God graded like a teacher, my life report card would be sprinkled with one word:  incomplete.



There was a conference we attended while I was a sophomore in high school.  Ages ago.  The speakers spoke through the book of Philippians, and I encountered God.  God's Word-Sword struck deep, and changed me, leaving scars of his goodness forevermore.  In passionate desire to respond, I devoted myself to memorizing Philippians.  Ten years passed to know...


My prayers often prayed for wholeness in united, holy, sacred marriage.  Give me this other half, my help mate and life saver.  Then Lord, I will be satisfied, my eyes will never wander, I will never stray from you again.  My wife and I, whoever she may be I prayed, would work to make my heart wholly Gods.  Married three years to the best wife God could have given, but my heart wholly Gods?


I will read these books...Incomplete

I will pray these prayers daily...Incomplete


Have you ever made promises to God?  Did you know that Jesus tells us not to swear to something?  Why?  We have no real power to see it through.  We are incapable.  We are incomplete.  So often we pray-bargain with God, giving him deals of our devotion if he would only forgive us, only heal us, only save us.

The problem is He already did.  Completely.

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