Wednesday, October 26, 2011

100 Songs, 1 Year, The Challenge

I am convinced that change is necessary; essential.

The Christianity so many of us live in our lives is so far removed from anything that would be noticeable to those early Christians in Jerusalem, Corinth, or Rome.  Our sloppy and shaky theological grounds are leading to weak, self-centered Christianity (a great oxymoron) that should disgust our brothers and sisters throughout the world struggling through famine, warfare, and persecution.

And I do not have the answers.  I have only one answer.

I know the big answer, I just do not know how that big answer will answer all the little questions that need to be answered desperately.  The one big answer is simple:  We need to submit to Jesus as the Lord (ruler, authority) of every aspect of our lives.

Duh.  Heard that one before?  Me too.  Yet I still don't do it, because I am still uncertain of how it applies to every aspect of my life.  I want Jesus authority to overtake my speech, my attitude, my time, my politics, my preferences, my friends, and my family.

So what does this have to do with 100 songs, 1 Year?

I am challenging all of us to go on a spiritual pilgrimage this following year.  January 1, 2012 can mark the official start of a great search for spiritual submission.  The year 2012 will be a year that commit to turning our mind and ear to Christ, listening for his vision to overtake our own.

How does it work?  The simple rules:

1. Take the next 2 months to make a list of 100 songs that are Christian, preferably worshipful in attitude (style can be whatever you want!)

2. Put that list of 100 songs on all of your major music listening devices.

3. Commit to listening to only those songs for the entire year.  Don't buy new music, don't turn on your radio.  The 100 song list will be your music for 1 full year.  You will fill your mind with only this music that points you to Christ.

4. There are obvious exceptions:  church, music classes, etc.  Don't be rigid, just follow the idea.

5. Each day pick one song to share either on Facebook, Blogger, Tumblr, or wherever!  Share your thoughts on the song too!

I fully believe that as we focus our hearts on God (through music!) we will see God's plan more fully.  I want us all to be in God's word the entire year, and in prayer as well.  I bring this challenge simply because I am convinced that music leads our hearts.  Where are music goes, I feel our hearts often follow.

So will you join me in the challenge?  Will you commit to just 100 songs for an entire year?  Any song choices you want to recommend to the rest of us?

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