Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm back, with a passion

I am sorry I left this great online community for awhile.  Let me share why I abandoned you:

-First, I am just plain busy in the summer--so yeah, that is just the way things work.

-Second, My wife is pregnant, and I am excited, and that changed my priorities.

-Third, I have a new dimension at work (children's ministry).

All of this has lead to a LOT of busyness.  I have slacked on my reading schedule, become invisible online, and slowed my writing and studying for my two current big writing projects.

So now I just want to get back to writing on here, sharing thoughts, short stories, asking questions, etc.  I do want to do this in a different way than perhaps I have before.  So here are my thoughts:

I am working on a novel, and a theological book.  My thoughts, short stories, and questions will be aimed at that.  I will also add more videos more often, probably of music because I am always listening to music. 

I will also add quotes from whatever book I am reading on a regular basis.

Sound good?  I think so too!

I hope you enjoy our time here!


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