Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NFL Predictions

Perhaps it is out of the ordinary for this blog, but I love football. So I will give my quick thoughts on all things NFL now before the season starts:

Division Winners:
NFC East: New York Giants
NFC North: Green Bay Packers
NFC South: Tampa Bay Bucs
NFC West: St. Louis Rams

AFC East: New England Patriots
AFC North: Baltimore Ravens
AFC South: Indianapolis Colts
AFC West: Kansas City

League MVP: Peyton Manning--for overcoming injury to throw for 4200 yards and 34 TD.

Offensive POY: Calvin Johnson
Defensive POY: Clay Matthews

Rookie of the Year: Blaine Gabbart

Surprise Stud: Joseph Addai
Surprise Dud: Arian Foster

Superbowl: Indianapolis vs. St Louis Rams

Winner: Indy!

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