Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Temper Tuesday: Ranting about Laundry

Laundry--I despise you! You make my life difficult.

Yesterday was laundry day at the Shedd house. We have this terrible habit of letting laundry build up, because we hate laundry. So, as always, laundry day yesterday meant we had to do it, because we were about out of clothing! So Ky and I do what we do, we sort out all the laundry in the house, and we go to work. Whites, darks, everything must be cleaned.

And let me tell you, the worst part of laundry, the part I really hate is folding the clothing. Folding was such a pain that I developed a new method in college--rolling. You fold a shirt in half, then roll is up from top to bottom. Fold a pair of jeans in half, then roll them up from top to bottom. It does a decent job of preventing wrinkles, it is quicker and easier, and it actually can save space in your closet!

When I got married, however, my wife had different thoughts about the proper way to fold clothing. Not only is rolling unacceptable, but there are correct steps to take in the folding process (she folds starting at the bottom, not the top like I would.) Laundry again becomes something I despise--I cannot fold the clothing right, and it stresses me out.

So we finish up the laundry last night, and then it is time to go to bed; so I go to change clothes. That is when I made the worst discovery in the world--We had dirty laundry again! Laundry is never "done." Laundry always has another step, always another washing, forever.

Laundry is a lot like my spiritual life. There are times when I have been putting off the next step in my spiritual life. There are times when I try to find shortcuts in my spiritual life, only to have God correct me and show me the right way. There are times when my spiritual life stresses me out, pushes my buttons, and wears me down.

And the hardest part is that just when I think I'm done, I have grown, I have hit the mark in my spiritual life, right then God shows me the dirty laundry that still needs done.

Thank God for the fact that we are not doing our spiritual journey alone:

"work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure." Philippians 2:12-13

What dirty laundry has God been calling you to do? What shortcuts do you try to take? What victories have you had recently?

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