Monday, May 2, 2011

Music Monday: Five Songs you need on your iPod

So I am adding a new layer of structure to the blog--one update each day of the week (except Sunday). The list goes as follows:

Monday: Music Monday--Five Songs you need on your iPod
Tuesday: Temper Tuesdays--Tuesday I will rant about something...anything.
Wednesday: Wednesday Wonderings--VLOG day! I will update with a vlog post that will hopefully be fun and informational
Thursday: Theological Thursday--We talk theology in a fun and innovative way!
Friday: Fun, Funny, or FAIL--I will either post something fun, funny, or a FAIL.
Saturday: A.D.D Day--The day that I post--I could go for some apple juice!

So, Today is Music Monday--The day to add some music (old and new) to your iPod. I focus primarily on music that is not only good, but appropriate as well.

1.Lucy by Skillet

2.Dry Bones by Gungor

3. Heaven Come My Way by Abandon Kansas

4. Overcome by Jeremy Camp

5. Back to Innocence by Stephanie Smith

There are the first five--next week we will have five more songs you should go BUY from iTunes right away! Tomorrow I will throw a temper tantrum about something, and it should be pretty cool!

Until then, peace!


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