Monday, April 2, 2012

The Day I Ask You For Prayer

Sometimes I feel like my faith is at war with itself.

God calls us to evangelize, to love, to share, but he also calls us to a standard of morality.  He calls us to treat others certain ways, to flee from certain activities, and to avoid from talking in certain ways.

And I know that the two are not mutually exclusive.

In practice it sure does feel like they are at war.

There are those I want to bring to church.  There are those I want to allow freedom to feel welcome at church long enough for them to see the beauty of the grace of Christ.  I want to give them time.

Yet I fear allowing them to be themselves until they see the truth.  What will the church say?  How will they react when they found out I brought them?  How can I allow someone to worship that is blatantly living in sin?

And I know the answer is messy.

And I know the answer is full of grace and love.

So today I ask for prayer, and advice if you have it, because what I know is right to do is not always easy.  And today it is difficult.  Will you pray that I share Christ's grace by allowing someone to come and see Christ, and allow Christ to change their heart.  Pray that I personify love while awaiting life transformation.

Thank you.


  1. I remember a missionary who was serving a tribe in Africa visiting with us and telling about the men in the tribe who were coming to know Jesus as their Savior - AND many of them had more than one wife!!!! I asked what he did about that and his answer was so good that I have tried to follow it ever since, "It's not our job to change them. It's our job/mission/privilege to introduce them to Jesus and then watch Him change them."

    We're fishers of men, Matthew - we catch them, He'll clean them.

    In regard to the "church" and what they'll say? Hopefully it'll be - "Welcome, it's great to have you. Would you life to sit beside me?"