Thursday, February 9, 2012

What I Believe About Baptism (An Ongoing Study)

Baptism is one of the most controversial topics at my home church.  We all celebrate when someone is baptized, we all encourage people to be baptized, but as soon as we begin a discussion of what baptism actually is, a world of arguments, varying opinions, and nervous backtracking begins.

Maybe your church is similar.  A mix of people coming from different backgrounds coming together to worship because you love each other does not always equal consistency in theology.

Today I want to begin an ongoing look at the nature of baptism.  I want to examine Scripture to learn to speak the same things it does about baptism.  I am also welcoming your guest posts on baptism in one of two ways:

1. You can share a way in which your baptism has helped shape your faith.  What has your baptism meant to you?

2. Spend 30 days studying baptism in Scripture then write what you find as you read.  What preconceived notions changed?  What stayed the same?  What did you learn?

The WIBAB series should be fun, and I hope to see your thoughts in the coming days, weeks, and months.  I will try to have at least one post about baptism per week.

Today, I would like to start with a few basic beliefs that I currently hold on baptism:

1. Baptism is intended to bring unity to Christians.

2. Baptism unites us with Christ in his death and resurrection.

3. In baptism, we are clothed with Christ.

4. Baptism is not a work, but God working in us.

5.  Baptism is how we call upon the name of the Lord.

Today, what are your thoughts about baptism?  What do you believe?  What has guided your thoughts in the past and present?  Are you willing to study baptism with me for the next 30 days?  Can we look together at what Scripture says?  Can we together find unity in good theology?

Join me as we study.

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