Saturday, June 25, 2011

Three Things I Learned From Camp

This last week, I spent my time as dean of a Wilderness Christian Camp in Crown Point, Indiana. It was great and tiring. I did learn a few things, and I think they are things we could all use remembering:

  1. Teenagers and adults deal with the same issues in different situations. Adults hide the issues better, but that is why I prefer teenagers. They do not hide their issues. They are much more comfortable talking about their struggles ranging from what friends to have all the way to cutting and self-image.
  2. Sometimes the best laid plans are not the plans God has in store for you. We planned the week, and then we had rain most days, including severe storms one day. This meant that much of the planning was undone. God showed up though, and in more powerful ways than I could plan.
  3. Why must we assume that we have to speak for God to work? We opened up a time where adults were to be completely silent, allowing youth to share, encourage, etc. It was in this moment that God broke in, sharing happened, and kids sat for two hours hugging, crying, sharing as the adults sat quietly and talked, prayed, and praised.
Those are my lessons learned, I hope you learn them too!

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  1. this is why i love teenagers too. hearts on sleeves, they wear... and this God showing up in the rain, that is beautiful.