Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Here we go, this is my blog. This is where I am going to share myself with the world, my thoughts, my doubts, my fears. I hope to share myself completely. I have tried a lot of gimmicks over the past couple months with blogs. I have went from here to wordpress to tumblr and back. I have tried political blogging, top ten blogging, insightful blogging and goofy blogging. I am not meant to be that type of blogger. So what can you expect from this blog? Let me share a few basic goals I have:

1. I want to share my life with you. I want to put my heart on (digital) parchment to allow you to see the joys and sorrows that I go through. My hope is that through the comments or your own blog, you will share your life with me as well.
2. I want to talk about God. I am a Christian and I love to talk about God, but this is not a blog that is going to be full of sermons or devotional thoughts for your life. I want to share God the way I see him interacting with my life. Sometimes it leaves me confused, sometimes it leaves me standing at odd theologocal crossroads shaking my head and saying that I don't know where to go next. My relationship with God is not a static, simplistic thing. It is real and it can be confusing and messy at times, so I want to share that with you.
3. I want to have some fun. I like to be goofy and talk about goofy things, so maybe we can have some fun conversations.
4. Ultimately, this blog I hope will help myself, and you, figure out how to walk through this world with all its twists and turns. I encourage you to get involved, start your own blog and comment on mine.

Here is to hoping we have some great times together.

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