Thursday, July 28, 2011


If you have read my blog regularly, you know that I believe love is so much bigger than emotionalism, commitment, compatibility, or chemistry. I believe that love can only be defined by its cost, its pricelessness. Love takes a toll, and it eventually erodes who we are completely, making us into something else.

Something bigger.

What makes us love? What has brought me to a point of willingly losing myself?

I have only two loves that bring me to lose myself, my Savior and my wife.

Today I share thoughts as to what brings me to give up myself for my wife:

I love her for her eyes. This is not gushy sentimentalism, her eyes are true art--beauty that has depths I cannot describe. I cannot look into her eyes without giving up a bit of myself.

I love her for her conviction. In this she stands well over me.

I love her for her forgiveness.

I love her for her beauty.

I love her for her music. Music has always led me to give of myself more than anything, and her sharing her music with me, it provides a wellspring for my love.

I love her simplicity. Saying what she means, meaning what she says.

I love her reliance and self-reliance. I cannot really explain this, but she needs me, but also is self-reliant, and I am the same.

I love her creativity (which she doesn't think she has!)

I love her compassion.

I love her ability to bake (can anything else make me want to sacrifice quite like a fresh loaf of bread?)

I love her work ethic.

I love her worldview.

I love her ability to challenge me.

I love that she hates reading my blog, but supports me writing it

I love that she points me to my other love

I love that she is an anchor for my restlessness

Bottom line: I love my wife. I am sure there are many wonderful, godly women out there, but only this one was crafted in such a way that i willingly walked away from myself to be hers.

What do you love about your wife? What do you love about your husband?

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