Monday, May 16, 2011

Music Monday!

Today, I just want to share one song with you, and share a thought following.

This song is a rare beauty. It challenges my viewpoints on worship, and it urges me to look all around me at the world declaring the glory of God.

Some questions for you:

-Do you tend to look at the world positively or negatively?
-Do you actively pursue seeing God at work in the world?
-Do you try to be part of the God glorifying world, or fight against it?

This comes from me, a man who really struggles with pessimism. I look at the negative, I look at the poor side before I look at the God given truth of the matter.

What can we do to better see God working, to see God's glory, to see the beauty that he created for us to enjoy?

Interested and listening,

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